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Sour Green Apple
Pinapple – Mango


Kalm Oil CBD 3000Mg


Isolate 1/2g


Original Kevy Bar CBD 25MG


Coconutty Kevy Bar CBD 25MG


Buzz Kevy Bar CBD, 50MG


Watermelon Hippie, Strips 200MG
(8 25mg gummy strips)


Pineapple Mango, Hippie Strips 200MG
(8 25mg gummy strips)​


Green Sour Apple, Hippie Strips 200MG
(8 25mg gummy strips)​


Blueberry, Hippie Strips 200MG
(8 25mg gummy strips)​

Who Are We?

Kevy Bar is a gourmet Edibles company that has over a twenty five years experience in the Cannabis/Cooking field. Our expert growers are the first step of this amazing process. With their Immense knowledge they nurture each plant and make them the best they can be! The next stop is the processing plant where our beautiful Hemp plant is made into our high grade distillate. Then it’s off to the kitchen, where the Magic happens!

Our top Confectionery mastermind combines science,imagination, and years of experience to create delicious mouth watering products! Kevy Bar it at the top of its field and puts 110% into everything they do.

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Kalm Oil

KALM drops is our newest masterpiece. KALM drops is a delicious blend of vitamins and pineapple that will have your tongue going wild! KALM comes in a 30ml dropper bottle with a whopping 3000mg of sugarless perfection! KALM comes in three different blends. These drops are sinfully amazing!

Our Catalog

To find out about all of our products we want to invite you to  browser over our catalogue. 

What others are saying

there are many reasons why buy

Love this candy bar!!!! Awesome taste and the effects are long lasting. You can tell all the ingredients are top notch. A MUST TRY if you’re looking for pain relief that last, and who doesn’t like a good candy bar? Awesome product I give it a 2thumbs up!




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